Pizza Vinoteca

Pizza Vinoteca | 15 Union Square W, NYC

I hate having a bad case of the Mondays.  Fortunately for me, I found myself standing outside a recent obsession of mine: Pizza Vinoteca.  Happy Hour.  All drinks $5.  Yes, yes, YES!

iPad Ordering - This is the way of the future, people!

iPad Ordering – This is the way of the future, people!

We were seated in the more casual downstairs area for the happy hour, closer to the pizza kitchen (which means closer to the food – hey, I’m not going to complain!).  For our initial drinks we chose the Boulevardier cocktail (Bourbon focused with Aperol, Carpano, orange bitters and a touch of Moscato) and the fizzy and dry wine Gragnano.  Both were a refreshing way to start our meal and complemented both the complementary table snacks (pistachios, olives and prosciutto) and our appetizers.

Left: Boulevardier cocktail, Gragnano wine; Right: Pistachios, Olives and Prosciutto

Left: Boulevardier cocktail, Gragnano wine; Right: Pistachios, Olives and Prosciutto

With Pizza in the name you may be hesitant to try their other dishes.  Well, I’m here to tell you that their small plates are just as amazing!

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus

These little bouquets of asparagus tied with thin sliced, perfectly salty prosciutto are crazy savory; so savory that the accompanying frisée of chive and cantaloupe falls a bit flat.  Sure it looks pretty, but let’s face it – you came for the left side of the plate.

Arancini - Dear Lord, the smells!

Arancini – Dear Lord, the smells!

The Arancini are mind blowing.  In just one bite, the crispy outside gives way to a creamy inside.  These are the mini Arancini that I dream of; that some other places just can’t quite nail.  The truffle aioli?  Pungeant, mouthwatering, decadent, I can’t stop eating it, send help…

…but let’s get to the main event: the pizzas!

Mmmm..a spicy Nduja Meatball!

Mmmm..a spicy Nduja Meatball!

If you love a spicy meatball, go for the Nduja Meatball pizza.  It definitely brings the heat with very little pain so that you get a good sense of the other ingredients (kale pesto, tomato, fontina).

The quirky Hawaiian pizza!

The quirky Hawaiian pizza!

My favorite is the Hawaiian pizza.  I have never had anything like it with its vanilla flavored pineapple, succulent prosciutto, flavorful peppers, and fontina and mozzarella cheeses.

These pizzas are not your typical New York slice (so don’t come here looking for one!) – they are thin and crispy works of culinary art.

To accompany our pizzas we selected glasses of Tripudium (deep, complex, rich dark fruit) and Lagrein (bright cherry, herbs); both were excellent choices.

Of course we left room for a dessert…

Tiramisu Gelato, seriously.

Tiramisu Gelato Panini…no, seriously.

Yes, you should get a Gelato Panini, and yes, you should share it.  The rich Tiramisu gelato is nestled in a cake sandwich and it is so good.  I love grown up, fun desserts!

Pizza Vinoteca stole my heart after only one visit and keeps me coming back.  Happy hour or no happy hour, this is a fun and delicious place to unwind with those in your life who make things a little less crazy!

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